About Ibadan City

Ibadan City: The Largest Agri-Tech Hub In Nigeria


Ibadan, capital city of Oyo state, Nigeria, located on seven hills (average elevation 700 feet [200 metres]) about 100 miles (160 km) from the Atlantic coast. It is one of the most populous cities in the country.

The economic activities of Ibadan include agriculture, commerce, handicrafts, manufacturing, and service industries. Although the status of the city’s farming is rated high most especially in the Nigeria Agricultural Sector. Ibadan city is No.1 Agri-tech market hub in Nigeria and 2nd in the West Africa.

Apart from Agricultural activities, Ibadan is an important commercial centre. Virtually every street and corner in the traditional core and the inner suburbs of the city is a market square or stall. Within the city there are many markets. The largest daily market stretches in a belt from the railway station in the west to the centre of the city and is Ibadan’s commercial core.

Ibadan is well served by roads. The city has a fleet of privately owned taxicabs and minibuses, and regular bus services are operated within the city and its suburbs.

Ibadan Facts and Figures:

Population: 2,628,000 (2007 est.)

Transportation: Air, Land and Railway

Religion: Muslim. Christain, and tradition

Climate: A Tropical wet and Dry climate condition.