Book A Stand

EQUIPPED BOOTH STAND including the following:
  1. Shell-Scheme
  2. One information desk
  3. Two Chairs
  4. Two Spotlights
  5. Electricity outlet – single phase
  6. Fascia board with exhibitor English
  7. Company name and contact details in the Exhibition Directory.
EMPTY SPACE provided only with:
  1. Floor space
  2. Company name and contact details in the Exhibition Directory
  3. Single phase electrical source
  4. The Exhibitor is free to make his own stand design, construction and decoration through our official stand constructor or any different contractor, subject to approval of the organizers.
WE OFFER through professional partners the following services:
  1. Clearing and Handling of Exhibits
  2. Stand Design and Construction
  3. Accommodation and Travel Assistance
  4. Printing and Graphics
  5. Catering facilities
  6. Audio visual
To book either equipped Booth stand or empty space at NIFAFO TECH EXPO 2021, kindly fill your details below to receive further details.